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Meet our brilliant minds: Thinking Pair is home to brilliant personnel and partners in tourism, hospitality and related sectors

Tourism Consulting

Armed with statistical knowledge, technical expertise and fact based approaches we pair with your business to realise change and growth. We advise accommodation establishments, tour operators, tour guides, Community Tourism Offices (CTO’s) and other businesses in the sector.

We also develop comprehensive strategies for any ventures and projects in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Business Consulting

We help SMME’s to grow and reach their ultimate potential. We offer start-up consulting services in tourism , hospitality and related sectors.

Because of our understanding the small businesses challenges in South Africa, we continuously seek to establish strategic partnerships with both government and the private sector in turn bridging the transformation agenda

Training and Development

Through our dedicated team, and associates, we offer training and capacity building services for both the tourism sector and other sectors. Our training range from short course business skills writing, customer service-related course to National Diploma level of training. It is essential to check with us and book early as these courses are always fully subscribed. Contact us about our training offerings training@thinkingpair.co.za

Incubation Programme

We offer an incubation service for start-ups in tourism and related sectors. We are continuing to establish strategic alliances in assisting small business grow, in particular for the small businesses to be resilient in their respective industries.Interested mentors are welcome to contact us and find out how they can be part of the programme.Start-ups and small businesses may contact us on mentorship@thinkingpair.co.za

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