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Our Services

What We Bring To You

Tourism Investments

We help all the investors and entrepreneurs to build a long lasting and profitable relationships.

Tourism Advisory

Thinking Pair offers expert advisory support for both start up and existing tourism businesses.

Tourism Advisory

Thinking Pair is one of the leading firms which specialised and comprehensive tourism industry solutions.

Leadership & Strategy Advisory

These services are offered through a specialised business unit overseen by the Group Chairman and trading as Sthandiwe Mkhize Advisory , a sole prop.

Annual Tourism Week

Annual Tourism Week is an annual event 100% owned by Thinking Pair Group that focuses on enterprise development and tourism promotion.
Every Year the event team identify critical challenges of that particular year and make it a theme for the year.

Transaction Advisory

We provide a full range of other professional services including business coaching, business planning, creating the portfolio necessary to market a business, marketing the business, qualifying buyers, negotiating the transaction, financing assistance, and closing a transaction.

Sanitation Services

Wasembo Hire is a business within the group offering Portable toilets that are durable, economical, convenient, self-contained and can be placed almost anywhere!

Corporate Branding

Thinking Pair offers corporate branding services for all types of businesses. Related Services include Website Design, Hosting Services and many more.

Translation , Interpreting and Editing

Thinking Pair offers these services in the Durban Area and KwaZulu Natal Province.

International Study Tours

Given the international travel experience , Thinking Pair now offers study tours and exchange programmes for local and international organisations.

Thinking Pair Group Middle East

Thinking Pair has strategic partnerships and presence in the Middle East. If you seek support or you want to navigate some countries in the Middle East ,kindly contact us and find out the scope of our work.

Property Management

Thinking Pair offers a range of management support services to facilities such as mechanical engineering , scaffolding hiring , plumbing and many more.